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Transformation journeys within retail: Focus on S/4HANA as a key enabler

Urbanisation, technology and digitalisation are disrupting and changing retail. New competition and business models are changing customer behaviour and the way retail works. Going forward, retail changes to a mix of digital and physical, and fulfilment excellence. Retailers are looking at how they can continue reaching their unique purpose and vision. We are sharing examples of retailers including the SAP S/4 digital core as enabler as part of transformation journeys


Eliseo Belmonte, Senior Technology Consulting Executive

Hall C, Ground Floor

Room 2, First Floor

Beyond Technologies


Coty Cover Girl, Times Square – S/4HANA, CAR and GKPOS from zero to hero in 10 weeks.

Using the Beyond Technologies S/4HANA Retail Accelerator and the Activate Methodology Coty were able to open their brand new flagship Cover Girl retail store on Times Square in time for Black Friday.  The project took just 10 weeks from preparation to go-live, beating all previous implementation records.  The solution included SAP S/4HANA, CAR and GKPOS and Francois will share how this was achieved


Francois Potier, VP Retail and Consumer Products

Room 7, First Floor



The fifth P is Experience.

Most retailers are familiar with the classic “4P” marketing model: Product, place, price and promotion.  Enter the fifth P: Personalisation, the one that truly drives ExperienceWith the lines between offline and online retail experiences and expectations blurring at mind-blowing speeds, personalisation in retail is fast becoming a non-negotiable. In this talk, we will explore the role of enterprise information as the foundation for retailers to personalise their in-store and online experiences to grow customer loyalty and boost the bottom line.


Frank Heitmuller, Account Executive, Advancing Markets  

Room 11, First Floor

Argon Supply Chain Solutions


Warehouse Management - how to find value and save costs

When economies slow and times get tough, it is more important to make sure that the business is getting the more value from a warehouse solution. Accurate Stock figures and real time resource utilisation and efficiency, are critical elements when it comes to reducing operational cost. Implement a warehouse solution that controls efficiency and saves money.


Peter Kerr, Managing Director



Lunch & Networking

13h15 - 13h50

Hall C, Ground Floor


The SPAR SAP Modernisation Journey

From ECC 6.0 to Modernisation.                           

Phase 1 : Successful Migration from ECC6.0 to S/4 HANA
Phase 2 : Implementing SAP DC Trade Financials



Greg Philps, iOCO SPAR Program Manager

Room 2, First Floor


The impact of Machine Learning on the Intelligent Enterprise

How the role of the CFO or the CPO are totally transformed by Machine Learning

Marc Nolla, VP SAP DGTAL & Leonardo CoE

Room 7, First Floor



How to successfully evolve into a Harmonised Digital ecosystem player

Channel choice is essential for customers expecting to move between channels and devices at will. Few organisations understand how to address this strategic challenge. Building the right customer experience requires an understanding of channels - harmonising the organisation strengths’, customers’ demands, unique strengths or weaknesses of partners and business demand. Insights will allow shifting from simply looking at arbitrary transactional costs, instead focusing on designing goals leading to business effectiveness.


Khaliq Khan, Managing Director, Interactive Delivery

Room 11, First Floor



POS for SAP - Delivering on the “Single Source of Truth” dream

Hear about the experiences of retailers who are serving customers who are in some cases, located in remote and under serviced locations. SAP Master Data forms the backbone of this approach helping retailers using SAP® to drive down cost whilst ensuring the integrity of their operational processes.


The presentation will conclude with a Q&A session and discussion with:


Mr. Hennie Steenberg, Cashbuild IT Executive

Werner Simpson, Managing Director, Linx /AS


14h00 - 14h35

Hall C, Ground Floor


SAP S/4HANA Phase ZERO & BluefieldTM : A Unique approach to automate and accelerate the roadmap to S/4HANA 

Organisations planning a move to S/4HANA often try to weigh the relative risks of a “Greenfields” re-implementation against a technical upgrade or “Brownfields” approach.  In reality the optimum approach exists somewhere on the spectrum between these two extremes ( “Bluefields”).  Britehouse and our partner, SNP, will explain, referencing actual case studies, how our methodology and tools identify the best approach based on the an organisation’s specific circumstances and then help to automate and accelerate the move to S/4 HANA


Vaughn Booyens Britehouse Business Lead S/4HANA Move,  Alex Smith (SNP)

Room 2, First Floor


Omni-Channel as business driver for Customer Experience Management

Consnet has developed and implemented an Omni-channel Commerce Solution for a Customer in the Cinema Industry. Using the SAP Hybris Commerce Platform across multiple customer channels (Point of Sale, Kiosk and mobile devices) and integrated with SAP Marketing for the tracking of interactions. The value gained from this solution was a simplified IT infrastructure, which led to reduced the cost of ownership, reduced operational expenses and increased productivity and business agility. Another key value factor was a standardised business process, which guaranteed quality and boost productivity over time. Last but not least, real-time insights into customer behaviour and preferences, allowed the Cinema to respond to their target market more accurately and timely, improving customer experience and increasing customer satisfaction


JP Nel, Solution Manager

Room 7, First Floor

Seidor Westrocon


An overview of mid-market solutions in the Retail Industry

Seidor Westrocon has been very successful over the years in providing midmarket solutions based on SAP solution. With this focus in mind we will present a number of mid-market solutions for various aspect of the retail industry. The solutions presented are all based on customer reference stories and show a mix of SAP ECC, S/4 as well as ByD and a specific midmarket POS solution, Comerzzia. Comerzzia has been implemented a number of time at retailers like Spar Europe, Vertitas and Fundgrube. The implemented solutions show that SAP solutions are affordable and well positioned for the mid-market.


Wilfried Schulte, Sales Manager 

Room 11, First Floor


New Dimensions of Controlling in Retail – enabled by Profitability and Performance Management (PaPM)

SAP Profitability and Performance Management enables you to transport controlling methodologies into a suitable system environment in a simple way, but with a highly flexible configuration. The controlling department has the ability to create ad hoc analyses and simulations in addition to classic reporting. Customer, product and process profitability with corresponding transparency can be analyzed in a short time and used for result controls


Bernd von Staa, Executive Vice President



Tea Break & Networking

15h00 - 15h35

Hall C, Ground Floor


Reimagine Retail – driving business results

Retailers around the world are actualising the benefits of the Azure platform to achieve significant business benefits. Many retailers are achieving competitive advantage and operational optimisation by partnering with Microsoft. Let us share how this platform delivers results – and engage on how we can work with you to drive business results 


Emma Murray, Director, Retail, Logistics & Hospitality

Room 2, First Floor

GK Software

SAP OmniPOS Model Company & Accelerated Implementation

How end-to-end Omni Channel retail process implementation with best practice process and configuration has accelerated our deployments through the GK Software & SAP Model Company. A process and product built in partnership with SAP for SAP retail customers. How South African retail have proven the model and the positive side effects it has provided

Claude Buitendach, Manager Consulting, GK Software South Africa

Room 7, First Floor


Putting the Employee back in the center: Case Studies of successful SuccessFactors implementations

PwC has been implementing SuccessFactors with great success at multiple Blue Chip Retail global retail companies. Over the period of these implementations we have learned how to make these implementations a success, showing value to the employees and a tangible return on investment.  In this breakout I will share some of these case studies. I will also share how SuccessFactors should be used as a system of engagement and a system of experience, enhancing the employee and system owner experience


Riccardo Donelli, People & Organisation Partner PwC, Italy 

Room 11, First Floor

SAP Intelligent Spend

Today organizations in the retail sector are facing increasing pressure to be more flexible, disruptive, and nimble.

Digitalization is the basis for addressing these challenges, but at its foundation is the need for the right systems, the right applications and the right processes. This combination allows you to bring more intelligence and experience into every area of your organization to become what we call an intelligent enterprise. An important part of the intelligent enterprise is having a single spend management experience that captures all spend categories – direct, indirect, services, external labor, and travel – in a way that provides visibility into and control and governance in each area.  The session focuses on SAP’s Intelligent Spend Management principles focusing on driving value for the retail organizations


Ayan Chakraborty, Senior Director and Head of Value Advisory for Spend Management


15h45 - 16h20

Hall C, Ground Floor

SAP SuccessFactors

Fit-for-Retail Workforce Planning

To deliver exceptional customer service, retail leaders need a workforce management solution that enables them to align staffing with customer demands, gain full visibility across locations, eliminate paper processes and minimize compliance risk. Our cloud solution predicts workforce demand, records time and pays employees based on the current agreed rates. With robust reporting and analytics, leaders have control over costs and budgets


Tshifhiwa Dombo, SAP SuccessFactors Pre-Sales Expert, SAP

Room 2, First Floor


SAP F&R – Three different customer journeys to Automated Replenishment

SAP F&R is a highly advanced forecasting and replenishment tool which was specifically developed for the Retail Industrial. The system makes use of advanced forecasting algorithms and caters for highly complex and sophisticated optimisation scenarios. Companies implementing SAP F&R do not all start at the same maturity level and as such the challenges and potential benefits can be very different. This presentation will look at three SAP F&R implementation case studies and unpack the benefits and lessons learned.


Louis Stemmet, Executive: Supply Chain Optimisation 

Room 7, First Floor

Google Cloud

Cloud Computing and the new age of Retail

Retailers are facing external challenges from multiple angles and the old ways of viewing these challenges as siloed, isn’t working. Learn more about building seamless retail experiences using cloud computing and how to win the hearts of customers with flexible, more secure technology and integrated big data solutions.


Daniel Acton, Regional Tech Lead Google Cloud

Room 11, First Floor


Why master data matters in the age of ML and IoT 

Have you invested in Analytics, Machine Learning or perhaps IoT solutions? Are you better off today that you were before you started? Most retailers would say yes (they invested heavily) the question is, if they realized the potential of the solutions. High quality master data is the foundation for a quick ROI of the above investments. Hear how clients have built the foundation for success and faster ROI


Martin Printz, Global Director, Retail Solutions